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18kt White and Rose Gold Natural Pink Diamond Earrings

Harmoniously paired diamonds and gold create an ethereal presentation in the form of masterful craftsmanship between two of Earth’s most precious resources. These drop earrings feature a glorious combination of 18k white and rose golds, strategically bound together to compliment the white and pink diamonds expertly chosen to decorate these lavish accessories.

A geological rarity, pink diamonds are one of the most uncommon naturally occurring colours and are found in only a few countries around the world, with the most notable being the Argyle Mine in Australia. Since its closure at the end of 2020, as the producer of 90% of the world's supply, these already seldom found diamonds have gained a new found demand with a limited quantity. These breath-taking beauties have a mere 500 estimated gem quality diamonds remaining. 

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Cradled within an enchanting halo of soft copper and pink hues, each centre boasts a round-cornered rectangular modified brilliant cut diamond that exude a mesmerizing natural fancy pinkish brown, and fancy light brown-pink colour that are amplified by red enamelling on the settings beneath the stones. Both expertly graded by GIA, these incredibly rare diamonds flaunt VS-1 to VS-2 clarity, good to very good quality cuts, and very good symmetry, with a combined weight of 1.64cts.

Being GIA graded, each of these natural wonders bears a unique laser inscription along the girdle for authenticity and tracking purposes.

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Encompassing the vivid centres in two geometric rows and adorning the rose catwalks from the lobe are a plethora of petite round brilliant cut, natural fancy light pink diamonds that offer 0.65cts. in weight, with VS-2 to SI-1 clarity and very good quality cut.

Creating a final border, ninety round brilliant cut diamonds offer a bold contrast to the soft colouring, while adding their own unique touch with two half-moon faceted cut diamonds, and two stand-alone round brilliant cuts. Providing a total weight of 0.70cts. between these snow-white beauties, they glisten with SI-1 and VS-1 to VS-2 clarity, G-H and F-G colouring, and their very good quality cuts as the finishing touch.

Immaculate in both aesthetics and craftsmanship, these exquisite drops are everything you could dream of and more.

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  • 42,000CAD

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Certificate of appraisal is provided by:

Barry’s Jewellers and GIA

The product SKU is 96261.

with an "estimated retail replacement value" of $60,000CAD

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