8 Ways to Clean and Care for Your Alex & Ani Bracelets

8 Ways to Clean and Care for Your Alex & Ani Bracelets

Alex and Ani bracelets sell millions of pieces each year. While these accessories are technically patented as expandable wire bangle bracelets, Alex and Ani instead classifies its jewellery as “unique statements and symbols marking individual paths of life.” The company offers customers choices from an infinite variety of dangling charms promising empowerment, spiritual growth, and well-being.

However, even the most divine jewellery may eventually succumb to wear and tear. While Alex and Ani bracelets do tarnish over time, they don’t need any special treatment and can shine for years, given proper TLC.

What Are Alex and Ani Bracelets Made of?

All Alex and Ani bracelets are made of sterling silver and copper alloy. The brand uses copper as the most prominent metal in their jewellery, possessing the natural properties to enhance positive energy, remove energetic blocks, and contribute to overall well-being. Copper is added to the alloy to compensate for silver softness and make the bracelets stronger and more resilient.

All Alex and Ani bracelets come with аn anti-tarnish coating to prevent tarnishing and help them maintain their original look. The brand also has a special collection featuring pieces coated with gold or silver using a trademarked technology named after the company’s founder, Carolyn Rafaelian.

If you’re wondering why your Alex and Ani bracelets tarnish, you should know that air and moisture trigger the oxidation of silver and copper. In turn, oxidation produces a thin layer of discoloration or dark dots known as tarnish.

Why Do Alex and Ani Jewellery Tarnish?

If you’re wondering why your Alex and Ani bracelets tarnish, you should know that air and moisture trigger the oxidation of silver and copper. In turn, oxidation produces a thin layer of discoloration or dark dots known as tarnish.

All Alex and Ani pieces come with an anti-tarnish coating that prevents oxidation and keeps bracelets shiny and looking new. Unfortunately, this coating is susceptible to wear and tear. In addition, water and oil make the coating disappear, which is another reason why Alex and Ani bracelets tarnish with time.

Do Alex and Ani Accessories Rust or Smell?

When new, none of Alex and Ani’s accessories have any scent, except for the slight smell of silver and copper. However, when the anti-tarnish coating disappears and the oxidation process begins, this tarnishing can result in a slightly unpleasant smell, which can be eliminated entirely by proper care and cleaning.

Rusting is an oxidation reaction when iron reacts with water and oxygen, forming a reddish-brown oxide. Since Alex and Ani accessories do not contain any iron, these bracelets never rust.

How to Clean Alex and Ani Adornment

Alex and Ani jewellery requires minimal effort to keep its glossy look and prevent the unpleasant effects of tarnishing and oxidation. Here are a few simple tricks on how to get tarnish off your Alex and Ani bracelets.

Using a Polishing Cloth

Keep your Alex and Ani accessories shiny by using a brand-signature polishing cloth, offered with bracelets, or a simple cotton flannel. Gently rubbing your jewellery with a cotton cloth can help to remove tarnish and moisture and return the original look.

Liquid Dish Soap

When you wear your Alex and Ani jewellery long enough, simple rubbing with a polishing cloth may not be enough to get rid of tarnish. Rigorous rubbing can also remove the anti-tarnishing coat and can speed up oxidation.

Instead, you can soak your accessories in lukewarm water with a few drops of mild liquid soap to make a slight foam. After letting the pieces bathe in soap water for 5-10 minutes, wipe them with a soft cloth, rinse with cold water, and dab them dry.

Brushing with a Toothbrush

Your jewellery may have crevices and hard-to-reach places that can collect grease and dirt, which is not so easy to remove by wiping and rinsing with water. These may require cleaning with a soft-brushed toothbrush.

When using a toothbrush to clean your Alex and Ani accessories, you can pour a drop of soap on the brush just like you do with the toothpaste, scrub the bracelets with the brush, rinse them with water, and dry them with a towel. It is crucial not to overdo brushing, as it can remove the anti-tarnishing coating from the bracelets.

How to Take Care of Alex and Ani Jewellery

Besides cleaning your Alex and Ani bracelets, it’s also important to take care of your jewellery to avoid wear and tear and keep required cleaning to a minimum.

It is not recommended to use generic jewellery cleaner on any of your Alex and Ani pieces, as it is often too aggressive and can damage the jewellery. Using a jewellery cleaner is strongly discouraged on the company’s website. It is also recommended not to wear your bracelets when swimming and showering. Keeping water away from your silver and copper accessories will help avoid oxidation and tarnishing.

If you use any beauty products, make sure they are dry on your skin before taking on your bracelets. The moisture from creams and lotions can get into reaction with metals, which is one of the main reasons why your Alex and Ani bracelets may be tarnishing. Finally, when you don’t wear your bracelets, store them separately in a box with a cotton pad or a cushion, which will absorb moisture and keep your accessories shiny.

Alex and Ani bracelets are high-class investments to bring some extra beauty into your life. Contact us at Barry’s Jewellers today to purchase your very own bracelet.

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