Barry’s Proposals – Go To School, You Might Just Meet Your Soulmate

Barry’s Proposals – Go To School, You Might Just Meet Your Soulmate
Mina and Max first met at McMaster University, during class, through a mutual friend. 
Mina knew she really liked Max when she offered him her only hair elastic to use on the string pull of his backpack zipper after he had accidentally broken it. Most woman will agree that keeping a substantial inventory of hair elastics is challenging.  Mina’s selfless gesture captured Max’s attention. Now both graduated and in the world of work, these two are madly in love and have taken the next step in their relationship. Max and Mina are happily engaged and are now a short time away from being husband and wife!
When Max and Mina aren’t busy planning their upcoming wedding, they love to battle it out on the paintball field and spend time with their adorable fur babies.
Max and Mina are looking forward to tying the knot in the Fall of 2018.
For everyone wondering about THE ring:
This charming ring is a Barry’s creation! The dazzling centre stone you see is a 1.09 carat, D colour, Canadian diamond and is surrounded by pave diamonds on a white gold band.
We wish Max and Mina a forever of happiness, laughter and romance! Cheers.
– Barry’s
Max and Mina’s Engagement Pictures Were Captured and Edited By Noah’s Ark Wedding Photography.
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