Barry’s Weddings: From The Texas Stockyards To The Aisle

Barry’s Weddings: From The Texas Stockyards To The Aisle

From the Texas Stockyards to the Aisle…this couple was meant to be. It is heartwarming to see what fate has done for Matt and Carmela.

Matt and Carmela initially met through mutual friends around 8 years ago. Fast forward to 6 years after initially meeting, and not having spoken since, Matt met Carmela’s mother while buying a coffee at her work. Carmela’s mother had a good feeling when she met Matt that day and knew that she had to tell her daughter about him. Little did Carmela know, that the gentleman her mom was raving about was the Matt that she had already met 6 years prior. Matt and Carmela were connected shortly after this and agreed to meet up. Their initial date to get together and catch up turned into a hike at the Mono Cliffs. Soon after their first date, Matt and Carmela became an official couple. Their first couple’s trip was to Texas to visit The Stockyards. It was on this trip that these two knew that they had found “the one” in one another. 1 year after their Texas vacation, Matt and Carmela traveled back to Texas where Matt ended up proposing.

These two lovebirds have now been married since November 4th! This pair really is inseparable. In their spare time, Matt and Carmela can be found hunting, fishing, watching sports and travelling. Matt and Carmela often visit Texas though, as they are both huge Dallas Cowboys fans and attend a game every time they are in town. Carmela now has more rings than Romo!

Matt chose a dazzling Oval Halo Ring by Maple Leaf Diamonds for his sweetheart. When these two soulmates came back to Barry’s for their wedding bands, Carmela fell in love with Gabriel and Co and ended up deciding on one of their custom platinum vintage style bands.

Cheers to this beautiful couple! We wish you both a forever of happiness, love and laughter.

– Barry’s

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All photography was done by Olivia of Digital Day Dreams Photography!

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