Detox From Wedding Stress

Detox From Wedding Stress

You’re in the thick of your wedding planning, and should be having the time of your life in anticipation of your princess moment, right? But if you’re like many others, you lose sleep at night going over all the details, and mentally checking and re-checking your to-do list.

You’re not alone – we hear you loud and clear. With all the ensuing glamour comes a lot of work. Rome wasn’t built in a day, was it?

While we can’t help cross things off your list, we can definitely lend a hand in the stress management of it all. Take a break from your worries and check out three tips from our experts on how to detox from the stress of your big day.

1) Make a Timeline: If your special day is still a ways out, divide your to-do list into time sensitive items and tackle them in the order they need to get done. Completing small pieces on a daily or weekly basis will help avoid the last minute scramble.

2) Discover Yoga: Yes – it’s a cliché relaxation tactic, but one that works! Nothing sets the mind at ease like a savasana, so now’s the best time to find your inner yogi.

3) Ask For Help: You may not be one to unload your work onto others, but planning a wedding requires all hands on deck. Your family and maid of honor should be stepping up to help you decompress.

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