Diamond Talk: Christopher Slowinski of Christopher Designs

Diamond Talk: Christopher Slowinski of Christopher Designs

Founder of Christopher Designs, Christopher Slowinski, is a master jeweller. After founding his company in 1981, he invented the original Crisscut diamond, 77 “crisscrossed” facets — that’s 109 facets to be exact — that ensure an incredibly brilliant diamond. What makes Christopher Designs stand out is that he continuously incorporates new technology into his technique. “With today’s technology, such as 3D modeling and printing, more detail can be added to bring to life an aesthetically attractive piece with superb quality finish.” Find out what else Christopher told us, including how the perfect diamond ring is like a great meal.

Barry’s: Your Brilliant Crisscut features 109 facets, 12 straight walls and 12 sides. Can you clarify what that means for our customers?
Christopher: This means that, compared to a regular cut, our Crisscut diamond will be more attractive under regular everyday lighting conditions, not just under the spotlights in a store.

Barry’s: When you sit down to create a new collection, where do you seek inspiration?
Christopher: When creating a new collection, we aim to come up with ideas that are fresh and new, while keeping with a classic look that will last forever. I get inspiration from classic pieces, from long ago, and then try to bring those ideas into the modern age.

Barry’s: In your opinion, what makes a beautiful diamond ring?
Christopher: It’s like creating a great meal; all of the ingredients need to be well balanced for the end result to be enjoyable.

Barry’s: What is your favorite diamond cut and why?
Christopher: The L’Amour Crisscut is my current favorite, this is due to the amazing cutting technique that produces a stone that appears to be 50% larger than it’s carat weight and also results in it’s brilliance and beautifully soft shape

Barry’s: When it comes to jewellery, what is your main philosophy?
Christopher: Make quality jewellery that is durable, and comfortable to wear, while keeping with a classic elegant look.

Barry’s: Any little-known jewellery tips you can share with our customers?
Christopher: Educate yourself on the product you are looking to purchase. This may not be a little known fact, but it is an important one to remember.

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