Friendship Jewellery: Symbolic Gifts for Your Best Friend

Friendship Jewellery: Symbolic Gifts for Your Best Friend

Friendship is precious in all times of life, and so should be the symbols you use to celebrate it – and what can be more precious and suitable to honour your connection than an exquisite friendship jewellery gift for someone you hold dear?

Jewellery delivers multiple choices for celebrating and honouring your unbreakable connection. It offers a tangible reminder of your bond whether you are close or apart from your friends. Whatever your friend’s preferences for jewellery are, you can always find both classic and trendy pieces for men and women that can be worn every day as a token of your friendship.

Whether you and your friend are up for wearing matching friend necklaces, friendship bracelet jewellery, or personalized friendship jewellery pendants, there is always something that can work for you.

Matching Best Friend Necklaces

Friend necklaces top our list of friendship jewellery gifts, and for good reason: there is hardly a better symbol of camaraderie than holding a friendship necklace close to your heart each day. While there are endless variations of friendship necklaces, here are some of the most popular choices.

Initial Necklaces

Initial necklaces offer multiple options to represent your connection with your friends. You can do so by wearing your friend’s initials on your necklace, wearing both of your initials, or having your own initials on matching necklaces.

Infinity Pendants and Necklaces

Necklaces can be turned into perfect symbols of friendship by adding special pendants which signify your bond with your friend. One of the classic choices is infinity pendants expressing an everlasting connection with your kindred spirit. Whether you prefer silver friendship jewellery or pendants made of gold, you can always find multiple options to match your taste and that of your BFF.

Friendship Bracelet Jewellery

The tradition of exchanging bracelets with best friends has long been a time-honoured tradition. Although the exact origin of the first friendship bracelet is yet unknown, buddies and besties have been exchanging bracelets as a symbol of their connection to each other for many years.

Where Do Friendship Bracelets Come from?

Some researchers trace friendship bracelets back to ancient China, while others mention Native Americans as the originators of this tradition. Regardless of whoever was the first to use bracelets to commemorate their friendship, this practice is now enjoyed across all cultures and continents.

Bracelets have always been a traditional piece of sentimental jewellery intended to communicate feelings. Often, friendship bracelets were made with beads, embroidery, and even a lock of hair from someone close. Today, there are also numerous jewellery choices for those who want to celebrate their spiritual bond with beautifully crafted friendship bracelets.

Friendship Bracelets Ideas

Matching cuffs have long been a traditional piece of jewellery to share with friends to show your connection. Whether you prefer cuffs, bangles, or bracelets, all of them are beautifully suited for engraving your and your best friend’s favourite quotes, jokes, or other meaningful messages, and are perfect for both casual and formal occasions.

Friendship Rings for Two

There is hardly any other piece of jewellery that better denotes a spiritual bond between soulmates than a friendship ring. Rings were meant to symbolize human connection, and wearing matching rings is one of the best ways to honour your friendship.

Whether you and your BFF are for a silver ring, gold friendship jewellery, or a diamond ring, there are multiple options for you to choose from. There are plenty of designs which perfectly serve the purpose of commemorating your strong bond, including delicate knot rings and together-forever rings. Some may even go for a traditional Irish Claddagh ring, representing friendship, love, and loyalty, which is most often presented for birthdays or as a promise ring.

Designer Earrings for Friends

Friendship earrings can be worn alone or as a companion to friendship necklaces. Earrings are lively and fun, while also discrete pieces of jewellery which can be worn on any occasion. If you and your friend have different tastes for jewellery, earrings can be perfect to complement your friend’s matching necklace or vice versa to express your connection to each other.

Mother-Daughter Friendship Jewellery

The bond between a mother and her daughter is like no other, and mother-daughter friendship jewellery is meant to reflect that. It has always been a tradition to gift jewellery to daughters for milestone events. Similarly, Mother’s Day is the unofficial day for presenting jewellery to your mother to show how much you appreciate what she has done for you.

Buying Jewellery for Your Mother

When gifting jewellery to your mother, your best choice would be to pick the style she wears most often. There are no set rules for mother-daughter friendship jewellery, so you are free to choose anything from friendship bracelets, earrings, necklaces, or rings that fit your mother’s style.

Whether you choose discrete and classic stud earrings, a silver Canadian Diamond Mom necklace, or a double heart diamond pendant, there are endless opportunities to show your affection to your mother with a carefully curated collection of Mother’s Day jewellery suitable for any occasion.

Buying Jewellery for Your Daughter

The choices for your daughter’s jewellery may vary depending on whether your daughter is still in her teens or a grown woman. You might want to pick a piece of trendy jewellery that is in fashion, or something timeless that could still be with her in her adult life.

You may choose to look into designer earrings matching your daughter’s necklace or a pair of trendy bracelets, which you can both wear to celebrate your mother-daughter bond, or you may want to opt for discrete studs or a classic tennis bracelet, which can be a special gift for your daughter.

Meaningful Jewellery for Your Best Friend

Whatever your tastes are, you can always pick the right friendship jewellery symbols that fit your style and are meaningful for both of you. In fact, it is your friendship which conveys the meaning behind a piece of jewellery, and not vice versa.

Whether you choose matching friendship bracelets, initial necklaces, infinity pendants, or friendship rings, it is the thought behind the gift that is important. Any of your choices will be special to your kindred soul when it comes straight from your heart. You are free to be you in choosing the symbols which are the most meaningful to your connection.

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