From California To The World – See Why Shy Creation Designer Jewellery is for YOU!

From California To The World – See Why Shy Creation Designer Jewellery is for YOU!


Founded in the Sunshine State, Shy Creation has won over the hearts of many with their dedication to knowing the wants of their audience. Already having graced the pages of popular magazines such as Cosmopolitan, Vogue, Esquire and GQ, Shy Creation continues to create charming and exclusive pieces that consumers from around the world continuously lust over.

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Jewellery Inspired by Ancient Civilizations

Inspired by the great civilizations before our time, Shy Creation Designer Jewellery expresses heritage and beauty through innovative design. Located in the City of Angels, Shy Creation combines the jewellery needs of the modern woman with unparalleled standards of design quality and creativity.


Jewellery May Bring you Good Fortune and Protection

Shy Creation harmonizes longstanding jewellery designs with contemporary touches to appease the wants of modern day wearers. Ancient symbols and talismans, such as the Hamsa Hand and Evil Eye, have made their way into the charming designs of Shy Creation allowing customers to manifest good fortune while remaining stylish. Shy Creation has a magical touch that can bring historical symbols and designs back in trend.

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Mix and Matching Golds is Always on Trend!

Shy Creation’s “Kate Collection”, named after founder Shy Dayan’s sister Kathy, combines refined, modern lines with fashionable shapes and minimalistic touches. Each unique design from this collection is forged in white gold, yellow gold and rose gold. Wearers have been spotted mixing and matching these different shades of gold, in the same or different design, for a fun, flirty, stackable look.

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Get Your Own California Inspired Glam Look!

Get a California Glam look of your very own with the dreamy pieces from Shy Creation’s Eden collection. This collection hosts a bevy of beautiful designs ranging from traditional pieces adorned with vibrant gemstones, to trendy rose gold pieces sprinkled in diamonds. This collection will surely spice up your accessory game while paying homage to the cherished jewellery designs that society has, and will always, wear and love. We are loving the vibrancy of this classic, with a twist, Yellow Gold and White Diamond Ring!

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We Hear Wedding Bells.

For all the lovers out there, Shy Creation has formed their Bridal and Manno Collections with meticulously crafted rings to forever symbolize your special day. With an abundance of playfully romantic combinations, like the White Gold Band adorned with Champagne Diamonds pictured below, there is sure to be a piece that any soon-to-be spouse will connect with.

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Barry’s Jewellers Is a Proud Retailer of Shy Creation

Barry’s Jewellers is a proud retailer of Shy Creation. Browse our Shy Creation section, found in the Designers tab on our website, or, come visit us at either of our locations so that we can help you find a Shy Creation piece that is truly complimentary of your individual style.

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Here is a link to our website for all of your Shy Creation needs.

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