Gold or Silver: When to Wear Which Type of Jewellery

Gold or Silver: When to Wear Which Type of Jewellery

Gold or silver? That’s the question that many jewellery lovers ask themselves as they start to accessorize their look. Of course, there are those that love both metals equally, and aren’t afraid to mix them. But, if forced to pick, one would gravitate toward one or the other for whatever reason. Sometimes it’s just a matter of matching your baubles to the metal colour of your purse or zipper details on your jeans. When trying to figure out which metal to wear on any given day or occasion, here are some other helpful ideas to consider:

Go For Gold:

  • Gold jewellery tends to have more of a classic, polished feel to it so it goes well with outfits that have a preppy flair.
  • Gold jewellery embodies a fancy vibe making it especially suitable for nighttime.
  • To wear gold jewellery for daytime, look for delicate pieces such as charm bracelets, pendant necklaces, and dainty rings.
  • A chunky gold chain necklace is a great way to juxtapose a polished metal with an edgier style.
  • When wearing leopard print, add gold baubles to match with the brown in the leopard pattern.


Style It Silver:

  • Silver jewellery gives off a more bohemian vibe, therefore it pairs quite well with flowing silhouettes and romantic prints; such as florals.
  • Silver jewellery is a great counterpart for edgier styles like leather.
  • Because of its casual feel, silver jewellery is great for daytime, but when choosing silver for nighttime, opt for high-shine pieces with rhinestones and gems.
  • For a vintage-inspired look, incorporate antiqued silver pieces to your ensemble.


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