How to Layer Necklaces According to a Jewellery Expert

How to Layer Necklaces According to a Jewellery Expert

As 2022 goes on, layered jewellery continues to trend, with men and women alike wearing multiple necklaces and going even bolder with chunky chains, multi-metal layered stacks, pearls, and diamonds. After all, why limit yourself to layering only gold or silver when you can wear them both or add another layer of sparkle with a perfect Canadian necklace?

If you are new to layering necklaces, you may wonder how to stack your necklaces, or how to keep your layered necklaces from tangling. You may also want to know how to wear necklaces with multiple charms, or how to layer men’s necklaces.

Layering Necklaces

Layering Gold

Gold necklaces are classic pieces of jewellery, so layering gold is always a safe bet. You can choose to mix necklaces of various lengths and thicknesses to add dimension and create a bold statement stack.

Regardless of your stacking style, your choice of gold necklaces should not be limited by texture or length. You can pick chains of rose, yellow, and white gold in any colour combination you like to add even more contrast to your multi-layered gold necklace.

Layering Gold and Silver

When layering multiple necklaces, you don’t need to restrict yourself to only one metal – it is absolutely possible to mix different metals such as gold and silver to add contrast or a different tone to your look.

When layering gold and silver necklaces, you will need to choose which metal will be dominant and which will be complimentary. You can accentuate your preferred colour by choosing a thicker necklace and balancing it with a more delicate chain.

Layering Diamonds

Gold and silver are far from the only mediums for stacked necklaces. In fact, you should never be limited to precious metals when choosing how to stack necklaces. If you are ready to take it up a notch, why not add another dimension to your stack by adding a diamond necklace?

You can always make a perfect stack by layering several diamond necklaces. Combine diamond necklaces of various lengths and designs, or create a contrast by adding a silver or white gold chain.

Layering Chains

According to stylists, a simple chain is a perfect place to start when building a layered necklace. Chains offer versatility with different textures, lengths, and designs, and present limitless opportunities for unique combinations.

Whether you prefer to layer your stack by adding chains of different lengths or stacking short necklaces together, layered chains will always create a statement and accentuate your attire. Layering is all about experimenting, guided by inspiration, and chains work perfectly in this case.

Necklaces with Multiple Charms

Adding charms and pendants can make your stack even more of a fashion statement. Adding initial charms, coin charms, or astrology pendants will add colour and personality to your layered necklace, creating a stylized and unique look.

You can choose the upper layer for your charms or pendants, any of the other layers, or even all of them. A classic choice is to add charms to the upper necklace in your stack and balance it with longer chains and pendants.

Long Necklaces

Long necklaces are statement pieces which never go out of fashion. They pair well with everything from casual sweats and t-shirts to blouses and dresses, and are perfect for formal and casual occasions alike.

Long necklaces provide an ideal balance between chokers and shorter chains. If you prefer to play it safe, go for a daintier necklace for your stack to avoid overpowering your outfit with your jewels while maintaining a chic and bold look.

How to Keep Necklaces from Tangling

Necklaces tend to tangle when sitting on your dressing table or jewellery box – even more so when wearing them in a multi-layered stack. If you have ever wondered how to wear two or more necklaces without them tangling, there are a few practical tips which can help you avoid knotted clumps.

Experts suggest choosing the shortest necklace as your foundation and building your stack from there. You can try several lengths to identify the shortest one and have it as your base for your layered necklace.

You can never go wrong by building your stack down with longer necklaces, or building it up with necklaces of similar length. However, if you choose to layer shorter, medium, and longer necklaces together, keeping them 1-2 inches apart will add dimension and avoid tangled-up results.

How to Layer Men’s Chains

Most often, men prefer to play it safe when it comes to jewellery and stay on the side of caution. Still, many men have adopted the trend of wearing layered necklaces to make a statement with their jewellery and create a bold and confident look.

When deciding how to wear layered necklaces, men often pick no more than three chains to avoid overdoing it. A popular choice among men is to choose a choker as a base necklace and start building the stack from there. Many men prefer pendants over charms, with initials and crosses being a frequent choice.

What Necklaces Are in Style Today?

After several years of minimalism and loungewear, bold and chic jewellery is back in style again – including necklaces. Stars, celebrities, and everyday people are all opting for oversized link chains and chunky necklaces, choosing to wear them both solo and layered.

You can never go wrong with a gold necklace. Complimenting your gold necklace with a simpler, daintier chain, and possibly a pendant or two, could help you design the perfect stack for all occasions.

Interestingly, choices for necklaces are not limited to silver and gold, and include diamonds, pearls, and gemstones. Pearl necklaces are particularly in trend in 2022, offering a fresh yet feminine look.

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