How To Survive Wedding Season

How To Survive Wedding Season

Spring has sprung….. and so has wedding season. If you’re like us, you have invitations rolling in, from destination weddings to local, family-oriented fetes.

But with so much love in the air, there’s also a great deal you’ve got to get sorted before you send in your RSVPs.

We’ve taken the guesswork out of planning this year’s wedding season, and divided the most talked about topics into three categories. Scroll on, and let us dissolve some of your biggest stressors so you can be the life of every party, worry free.

• The truth is, it’s as simple as checking the registry. We feel your pressure to buy the bride and groom something unique, but the lovebirds are just starting their life together and really do need the essentials. Stick to their wish list, it won’t lead you astray.

• Myth debunked: you don’t actually need to buy something new for each wedding. Switching up shoes and accessories can breathe new life into the same dress. Otherwise, borrow from a friend or from sites like Rent The Runway, which offer temporary glamour without splurging on the designer label.

• How will you afford it all? Make a list and a rough estimate of everything you need to purchase, and don’t forget to factor in travel, accommodations and gifts. Once you have a ballpark number, you can figure out what you need to cut out of your current spending to be able to make it all work.

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