Is It Ever Okay To Wear White To A Wedding?

Is It Ever Okay To Wear White To A Wedding?

Of all the rules of wedding etiquette, knowing not to wear white seems to be the most obvious. But as we modernize and the rigidity of rules and taboos loosen, we pave the way for traditions to slowly settle.

So, are we saying drop all courtesies and sport a white maxi at the next wedding you attend? Absolutely not. But we are saying that you may have a bit more flexibility than in years past…yes.

For starters, not all brides are donning white (or ecru, ivory, eggshell) on their big days. If you know your bride is fairly nontraditional, opting for pearly shades likely won’t get you kicked out of the soiree. If you’re going for a pantsuit, jumper or romper, white or near white isn’t totally off the table in this case either as these pieces don’t bare resemblance to a wedding gown.

The bottom line: practice your best judgment. What may be no sweat to one bride could be hugely disrespectful to another. And that is one risk you don’t want to take.

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