Jewellery Dates Back How Long?

Jewellery Dates Back How Long?

Jewellery dates back as far as we can imagine, and it’s no news that gems were a symbol of status and wealth in many ancient cultures. However, new, groundbreaking discoveries suggest that even Neanderthals may have been keen to the idea of fashionably accessorizing.

You read that right! Researchers in Croatia discovered the remains of eagle talons that had cuts and notches that appear to have been previously strung into a necklace or bracelet. The evidence supports the larger theory that Neanderthals had much more modern tendencies than previous research would have suggested.

All of the talons were discovered in the same archaeological layer, which helps experts approximate dates. These particular talons had been studied a few times before, but the cuts and notches were only noticed recently. This discovery is especially notable as it’s the first of its kind and paints a more evolved picture of Neanderthal existence.

As jewel-obsessors, we’ll off course stay tuned as more research unfolds!

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