Should You Design Your Own Engagement Ring or Have Your Man Choose?

Should You Design Your Own Engagement Ring or Have Your Man Choose?

There are two types of women out there: those who want to pick their own engagement ring and those who prefer the surprise. There are also two types of men: those who don’t mind designing a ring and those that are intimidated by the process. Of course, there are pros to picking your own ring and pros to having your man pick. There is no right or wrong way to do it, it’s simply all about preference. Some women have a distinct vision and want to make sure it’s executed, while others don’t really know what they want and are open to anything. On the flip side, there are men that are fashion challenged, so the thought of designing a very expensive ring that their lady is going to wear for life is understandably terrifying. Before you decide which path to take, here are a few pros for selecting your own ring versus having your man choose:

Selecting your own ring:

  • You’re guaranteed to love it because well, you dreamed it up.
  • You can have a role in choosing the carat size so you’re not disappointed.
  • You can ensure that your ring doesn’t look like any of your girlfriends’ rings.

Having your man choose your ring

  • When he opens that ring box, you will be truly surprised.
  • You’ll feel extra special knowing that he took the time to design a ring with your unique style in mind.
  • Your partner will feel good knowing you trust his taste.

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