…So It’s Not Quite What You Expected

…So It’s Not Quite What You Expected

Your engagement ring, that is. While in today’s world, most couples discuss styles or even go to pick one out before the actual engagement happens, if your fella is more traditional (or perhaps just one for surprise), you may find yourself with a ring that doesn’t feel like “you”.

As a woman with an impeccable eye (yes, we know that’s you!) there is no shame in having a vision of what you want your ring to look like. After all, you’ve likely entertained daydreams of the big diamond since childhood. And just because your fiancé didn’t nail the ring doesn’t mean he doesn’t know you. Despite best attempts, not everyone has the same eye for design.

Our advice? Compromise. There are more than a few tactful ways to suggest that it’s not exactly what you would have picked out yourself. Working together to redesign it may actually bring you closer than you would have expected, and the end result will be something you both love.

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