Spring is in Bloom! Delicate Spring Jewellery Ideas

Spring is in Bloom!  Delicate Spring Jewellery Ideas

Spring is in the air!  My excitement is growing, not only because summer is just around the corner- sun, warmth, beach, but also because the fashion and jewellery trends of 2013 are starting to surface.

During this year’s Milan Fashion Week and World MasterCard Fashion Week (which I followed closely), I was happy to see a lot of floral and lace on the runway.  These feminine, yet delicate patterns were paired with equally delicate and romantic pieces of jewellery.

Most of the pieces were centred around colours that exuded a romantic feel that also made a statement, such as lavenders/lilacs, greens and yellows.


Luckily for us, these colour and fashion trends are captured perfectly by Tacori’s 18K925 Collection .  There are a few of the coloured collections that come to mind when thinking of a spring colour palate, “Lilac Blossom” (my favourite), “Seafoam Mint”, and “Golden Sky”.  Even their names are reminiscent of the approaching warmer weather.  The gemstones featured, range in a variety of traditional Amethysts, Prasolite and Honeyed Lemon Quartz.  As with any Tacori piece, the 18K925 collection features the “Tacori Touch”.  The way Tacori hand crafts all of their pieces, perfectly reflect the lace and floral trends seen on the 2013 runways.  The pieces in these collections resemble a flower in bloom; as all of the coloured gemstones at the crown are set in sterling silver and 18 karat gold (yellow or rose gold).

These Spring colour trends will compliment any style nicely by adding a sweet, sophistication to your outfit.

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