Tacori Wedding Ring Masters

Tacori Wedding Ring Masters

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The Talent Behind Tacori

The name Tacori comes from the Tacorian family, headed by the patriarch of the family Haig Tacorian, who left Europe to start a new life in the Unites States in 1969. Haig and his wife Gilda settled in California, where they started creating fine jewelry with European panache. Today, four decades later, Haig, Gilda, their son Paul and daughter Nadine, along with a few other Tacorian family members, continue to carry on the family tradition of beautiful designs that fuse classic elegance with modern inspiration.

Tacori’s Signature Design

Tacori’s signature design is the crescent: interlocking half-moon arcs, which provide windows of light to reflect the brilliance of the diamonds places within each crescent semi-circle. Each Tacori creation is handcrafted by artisans in California.

Tacori’s Promise

Through passion, customization, and attention to detail, Tacori has forged its place as an industry leader. Each Tacori piece comes with lifetime care, an authenticity registration, and complimentary services such as resizing and engraving touch-ups.

Tacori Wedding Ring

From elegant to elaborate, the Tacori wedding ring always stands out thanks to its meticulously handcrafted and detailed design.

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Tacori Engagement Ring

From timeless or modern, the Tacori engagement ring stuns and shines from every angle.

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