The 411 On Your Rehearsal Dinner

The 411 On Your Rehearsal Dinner

We all read about the do’s and don’ts of wedding attire. Whether your big day is around the corner, or a hypothetical that lives inside your Pinterest board, the internet is your oyster for tips, stories, and visual references to guide you on your way.

But the one wedding topic we don’t think gets enough buzz? What on earth to wear to the rehearsal dinner! With so much focused around the mechanics of the following day, rehearsal dinner style is sadly often overlooked.

So if you’ve got everything checked off your list except your evening ensemble, we’re here with some sage advice.

Be Yourself. Particularly if you feel confined to something more traditional for the main event, the rehearsal dinner allows for more flexibility than one might realize. Though it’s imperative to be mindful of your venue (a potluck is different than a country club), your personality should shine through your evening’s attire. We’re proponents of wearing white, but if you’re not the type that lives in a dress, particularly of the gown variety, opt for a fun romper or jumpsuit. Don’t shy away from unique silhouettes or striking details that make the ensemble truly yours.

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