Top Engagement Ring Trends of 2017

Top Engagement Ring Trends of 2017

Here at Barry’s Jewellers we’ve helped over 75,000 couples find the perfect engagement rings. Being part of the bridal industry allows us to watch new style trends emerge and also distinguish the trends that are going to stick around. If you’re planning on proposing or dropping a hint to your significant other this year, let us show you which rings are sure to have her exclaiming YES! Here are the trending engagement rings of 2017:

  1. Twisting Bands


Couples are drawn to this romantic twisted band look that symbolizes unbreakable love and intertwining souls.

2. Hidden Side Details


Those who love classic styled rings have gravitated towards ones with hidden touches that make them stand out from the rest. This rose gold Noam Carver ring above may look like a classic solitaire but when looking at its side profile, you can see that the mount is covered in small diamonds to add more sparkle.

3. Unique Diamond Halos


These last few years, halo rings have been hot and in-demand. Today, couples lust after halos with more characteristics such as the one above featuring the beautiful Hearts on Fire ring where the halo resembles a snowflake. Or this Scott Kay ring with an unique ornate, curvy halo that mirror flower petals.

4. Modern Three-Stone

modern-3-stone-tacori-dantela tacori-dantela

The three-stone engagement ring is a timeless and symbolic piece that couples still search for today. It is said to represent the couples’ past, present and future. Those who look for this three-stone styled ring admire the new designs that are more modern and fresh like the glamorous Tacori Dantela above that has a crown of diamonds to intensify the centre stone.

5. Dainty Bands


Dainty rings have been all the rage this past year and this trend has also shifted into engagement rings. Those who admire this style love it for layering and stacking purposes and because the thin band makes the centre stone really pop.

6. Geometric Rings

geometric-tacori geometric-tacori-2

While many couples admire the feminine look of classic engagement rings, we see a new gravitation towards geometric lines and shapes. The beautiful Simply Tacori ring above has an octagonal shape that makes it contemporary but also a renaissance design that is only visible looking at the side profile

7. Fancy Shaped Diamonds

fancy-shape-oval-tacori fancy-shape-pear-tacori

For years, round and princess shaped diamonds have been at the top of the list. Lately, we’ve been noticing couples requesting for fancy shaped diamonds like the oval shaped Simply Tacori in the above left photo. Oval shaped diamonds are great because they appear larger than they actually are. For the same carat weight of a round or princess diamond, it is going to look bigger in an oval shaped.  The other highly requested diamond is the pear seen in the Tacori Dantela photo above on the right. This fancy shape is perfect for slender fingers as the pear is delicate and feminine.

8. Unique Vintage Rings

vintage-simon-g-1 vintage-simon-g-2

For couples that are looking for something more unique have been coming in to look at our vintage inspired rings. The exquisite Simon G ring in the photo on the right features a floral lace design that sets it apart from many of the selections in our stores. The second Simon G ring is a modern take on a vintage style with an eye-catching cluster halo set.

Let us know which one is your favourite!

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