Trending: Matching Statement Cuffs (One For Each Wrist)

Trending: Matching Statement Cuffs (One For Each Wrist)

Traditionally bracelets are worn on one hand, while the other wrist stays bare or is dressed with another different bracelet. But the new trend is to wear an identical statement cuff on each wrist. This way, one of your wrists doesn’t feel completely left out and it’s a more symmetrical feel. This look works best for nighttime, especially with a gorgeous gown or a sassy cocktail dress. Before you get started, here are a few tips:

1) When shopping for the perfect cuff, make sure there are two available in the same style.

2) Since this look is meant to make a statement, look for a cuff that’s chunky and eye-catching. The more shine, the better.

3) While you can wear two identical bangles, this trend works better with cuff bracelets that hug the wrist.

4) When pulling off this look, keep the rest of your jewellery to a minimum. Stud earrings and delicate rings at most. You don’t want your wrists competing with the rest of your outfit.

5) We recommend wearing your statement cuffs with a dress, but if you choose to go the pants route, be sure that your outfit matches the vibe of your cuffs.


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