Ways to Display Your Favorite Jewels

Ways to Display Your Favorite Jewels

Now that you’ve amassed a collection of gorgeous baubles, and while you keep adding to your mix, it’s important to think of how to display your jewellery so that a) it gets the attention it deserves and b) it doesn’t get damaged. There are tons and tons of ways to store and show off your bling, but here are a few of our favorites:

We love the idea of finding an eye-catching colorful dish or small bowl to drop your everyday rings into. You can even have different bowls for different kinds of rings: silver, gold, cocktail. We recommend placing your ring bowl(s) by your bathroom sink.

The best way to display your necklaces so that they don’t get tangled is to hang them on hooks. The fun part is picking out what kind of hooks you want to use. If you’re a glam girl, you can find a shiny rhinestone hook or if you’re into bohemian jewelry, you can use a floral hook, etc. We recommend hanging the hooks side by side on a wall close to your closet.

There are tons of bangle holders out there, but a unique way to spotlight your bracelets is to use tall candlesticks. Depending on how many bracelets you have, you can buy one for each metal type. We recommend placing these candlesticks on your dresser.

A cute way to keep track of your earrings is to hang them along a pretty vintage-inspired teacup. Then for your studs, place them on the dish underneath the teacup. We recommend placing the teacup on your dresser.

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