We Sat Down With Thomas Sabo’s Chief Brand Officer… Keep Reading!

We Sat Down With Thomas Sabo’s Chief Brand Officer… Keep Reading!

THOMAS SABO’s globally celebrated brand is characterized by innovation and attention to detail, while consistently delivering trend-focused products. The brand’s broad offerings include pieces for both women and men, and range from classic and feminine, to cutting edge. They’ve got their eye on some serious plans for the future. We sat down with Chief Brand Officer, John Schlüter to get the scoop.

Barry’s: For those that don’t know much about the Thomas Sabo brand but want to learn more, can you give us a quick background?
THOMAS SABO is an innovative and globally renowned jewellery, watch and beauty brand based in Lauf in southern Germany. The company was founded in 1984 by Mr. Thomas Sabo and employs around 460 people at its headquarters and internationally around 1,750.

As one of the leading providers in the jewellery, watches and beauty segment, THOMAS SABO is present in 75 countries on all five continents with around 250 stand-alone shops. The list of metropolitan cities showcasing THOMAS SABO shops ranges from London, Zurich, Vienna, Frankfurt, Berlin via Stockholm, Paris, Las Vegas, Toronto, Hong Kong to Sydney and Moscow. Globally THOMAS SABO also co-operates with approximately 2,600 trade partners and the leading airlines.

Our goal within the next 5 years is to become one of the leading premium lifestyle brands in the affordable luxury segment.

Barry’s: With so many jewellery brands out there, how do you ensure that Thomas Sabo stands out?
THOMAS SABO is a jewellery brand for women and men characterized by innovative and trend setting designs, a unique sense of style and love for detail – thus setting industry standards with materials of highest quality differentiates us in the first place. Offering a vast range of diverse collections for any customer and any occasion we are able to serve any request – starting with playful Charms, filigree Karma Beads, feminine Sterling Silver pendants and earrings to elegantly and opulently designed statement pieces or expressive Rebel at heart creations and trendy watches. Customers coming to a THOMAS SABO shop or trade partner know that they will buy a trend-oriented but timeless and masterfully crafted piece of jewellery representing their individual style.

Barry’s: Where do you draw inspiration from season after season?
John: Thomas Sabo and his Creative Director Susanne Kölbli are the best design team imaginable. They have a unique sense for trends which are inspired by life itself and the passion for different cultures and foreign countries. Both love to travel the world and draw inspiration from new people and different ways of life – this open-minded spirit is very well reflected in our designs. Their creations mirror perfectly the current lifestyle and fashion trends seen on the streets across the world.

Barry’s: With Valentine’s Day coming up, what are your favourite Thomas Sabo gifts?
John: On the occasion of Valentine’s Day 2015, THOMAS SABO is launching the perfect Karma Bead for lovers: The new ‘Love Bead’, a heart-shaped bead made from rose quartz, symbolizes the most important feeling in the world – love. During the campaign period, customers will receive the bead for free when purchasing a Karma Bead bracelet before February 14. As a complementary gift, we offer a matching pink packaging with a heart tag and greetings card for a personal message.

Barry’s: Talk a little bit about your Karma Bead and its importance in the market.
John: The positive minded THOMAS SABO Karma Beads line for women and men was internationally launched in the spring/summer season 2014. Celebrating joie de vivre, a positive attitude and an appreciation of the beautiful things in life, the jewellery range is a manifestation of positive energy – accordingly to the principle “If one sows goodness, one will reap goodness”. The key piece of the collection, the lovingly detailed ‘Wheel of Karma’, the 131 different Karma Beads and 12 Karma Beads Pendants designs all have their own meaning and support the good Karma of its wearer. Worn either on bracelets, necklaces, hoop earrings or even anklets – the Karma Beads collection opens up completely new possibilities of collecting and creating individual and very personal jewellery styles for any mood and any occasion.

Barry’s: How was it working with Mick Jagger’s daughter, Georgia May, on the ad campaign?
John: Working with Georgia May Jagger is a great pleasure and we are very proud to have her as our testimonial. She is a very beautiful young woman conveying the spirit of the brand authentically. Loving playing with fashion and accessories, she is flawlessly staging the different facets of the Sterling Silver collections with her ever-changing Brit chic attitude.

Barry’s: When it comes to jewellery, what’s your philosophy?
John: THOMAS SABO offers jewellery for women and men made of Sterling silver fitting any occasion and any style. We give our customers the opportunity to reinvent themselves everyday with our affordable luxury designs. The key aspect is individuality: a unique and very personal style can be easily achieved by mixing and matching our different designs. We pay great attention to iconic motives, styles and colour codes in our multifaceted collections and strive nonetheless to surprise our customers with ever-new fascinating creations.

Barry’s: What can we expect from Thomas Sabo in the near future?
John: THOMAS SABO surprises every season with new, groundbreaking designs and innovations – so I recommend: stay tuned!

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