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14kt White Gold 1.51ct Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring

Sitting at the top of quality scale across the board, this carat and a half round brilliant cut diamond is simply awe-inspiring. The high specifications this stone possesses make up less than 1% of the world's diamonds, making this particular round remarkably coveted.


Showcased in a regal six-prong crown with stiletto tips, this brilliant cut dazzles with its immaculate clarity and colourless interior. Measuring 7.58 - 7.64 x 4.37mm, the spread of the table perfectly displays the arrow-like facets bursting from the culet, providing an endless dance of fiery scintillation. 

This GIA graded stone offers graded qualities of VVS-1 clarity, E colour, and Very Good quality cut, accompanied with a Very Good polish, Good symmetry, and a medium blue fluorescence. 

Laser inscribed along the girdle is a unique serial number, provided by GIA, for tracking and authenticity purposes. This number matches the provided documentation and can be cross referenced on their website (

Fashioned in a traditional knife-edge style, the high polished 14k white gold band is sized to a 6.25.

  • 42,200CAD

Certificate of appraisal is provided by:

Gem Grade Appraisal Service

The product SKU is 95483.

with an "estimated retail replacement value" of $56,000CAD

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