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Vintage Sapphire Rings

At our store, we offer a stunning selection of antique and vintage sapphire engagement rings that exude timeless elegance. Our rings are made of the finest quality materials and feature velvety cornflower and royal blue sapphires. Whether you're a princess or just want a ring that is perfect for everyday wear, our sapphire engagement rings are an excellent choice.

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Vintage sapphire rings make an immediate statement. Known as the gemstones of wisdom and serenity, sapphires make excellent engagement rings, chosen and worn by princes and princesses as their wedding jewellery.

With the supply of high-quality natural sapphires falling short of demand, shopping for vintage sapphire rings with Barry's Jewelers presents an excellent opportunity to get a hold of these popular and highly sought-after gemstones. Possessing a hardness of 9 on the Mohs scale, sapphires are the most durable stones after diamonds, perfect for everyday wear and providing great emotional and financial value.

The Brilliance of Vintage & Antique Sapphire Rings

Although sapphires are mostly known for their cornflower colour, these stones may also have yellow, pink, purple, or green hues due to traces of titanium, copper, or iron. While canary yellow and purple sapphires are also valuable and rare, it is the medium and dark velvety blue sapphire that commands the highest prices.

Although different vendors may use their own definitions, a sapphire ring must be at least 20-30 years old to be considered true vintage.

When you shop for vintage sapphire rings at Barry's Jewellers, you can expect the most accurate information about the history and quality of your jewelry, including a certificate of appraisal for most of our items. Check out our catalogue online, or shop with us in person for the most exquisite vintage sapphire rings in Canada at the best prices.