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Vintage Opal Rings

Opal rings are prized for their mesmerizing multi-colored beauty and are often chosen as a birthstone for those born in October. These rings are perfect for everyday wear due to their low-profile, flat cabochon cut, which sits flush against the body. There has been a recent trend of choosing antique opal rings as an alternative to more traditional wedding rings.

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The hypnotizing iridescence of opals has made them popular gemstones, symbolic of fidelity, purity, and good luck. Since no two opals are the same, these stones make an excellent engagement ring for non-diamond brides who prefer a bohemian touch for their wedding jewellery.

Precious opals come in various colours, from translucent white to black and fire stones. Opals' alluring glow and play-of-colour have made them especially appealing for Art Deco craftsmen.

What to Consider when Buying Vintage Opal Rings

Although opals are solid stones, they contain between 5 and 30 percent of water. This makes opal a delicate stone prone to damage. If cracking occurs, opals start to dry out and lose their legendary iridescence. As you don't want your vintage opal ring to lose its magic appeal, consider removing your ring when working with your hands, cooking, or showering.

Due to the infinite number of colours and patterns available with opals, the evaluation of opals is the hardest among gemstones. As the number of factors determining opal quality increases, you will need the assistance of a trusted jewellery expert to help you with opal appraisal and walk you through the best pieces of vintage opal rings.

Opal Ring Collection at Barry's Jewellers

If you find yourself enchanted with opal’s play on colour, don't hesitate to check our extensive vintage opal ring collection at Barry's Jewellers. We have carefully selected the most exclusive vintage opal rings with the highest quality stones. Check out our online catalogue, or come to our store to shop with us in person for the best vintage opal jewellery at great prices.