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Vintage Ruby Rings

Check out our exquisite collection of antique ruby rings, available in a range of metal options including platinum, gold, rose gold, and white gold. These precious gemstone estate and vintage ruby rings are part of the corundum family. The term "ruby" is reserved for the most vibrant red gemstones of this variety. Our selection includes a range of stunning and rare ruby rings.

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Rarer than diamonds and brighter than fire, blood-red rubies are said to have the power to set hearts aflame. Known as the Lord of Gemstones, rubies are scarce and rare, occupying their deserved place on the British Royal Crown. It comes as no surprise that many stunning designs for vintage rings include rubies and diamonds, symbolizing eternity and love.

With diamonds being the common choice for wedding jewellery, ruby engagement rings are viewed as non-traditional and chic, worn by trailblazing celebrities like Jessica Simpson and Victoria Beckham. Vintage ruby rings are also a favourite choice of royalty. It is almost impossible not to get enchanted by fiery red rubies that give so much flash and sparkle.

Why Ruby Jewellery is so Popular?

Unlike diamonds, high-quality rubies are expected to have visible indentations that don't require magnification. The best vintage ruby rings feature the finest centre pieces, where indentations add to the uniqueness of the stone. 

Being almost as hard as diamonds, rubies are ideal for everyday wear, and make perfect statement rings. Traditionally, rubies are paired with rose and yellow gold, but they also look gorgeous in white gold or platinum settings.

Searching for a Vintage Ruby Ring?

When searching for vintage ruby rings in Canada, make sure to visit our store. At Barry's Jewellers, we have amassed the most refined collection of vintage ruby rings, and our assortment of ruby rings includes a wide range of styles, from classic Edwardian and Art Deco to more modern, contemporary designs.

Whether you are looking for a vintage ruby ring in a gold, silver, or platinum setting as a present to yourself or your significant other, we have these and more at Barry's. Check out our catalogue, or come and shop with us in person for the most exclusive vintage ruby rings from different styles and eras.