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Typically custom in their craftsmanship, brooches are an heirloom of days gone by. Fashioned in materials and designs that emulate their time period, what better way is there to honour a piece of history than to make it your own? When choosing Estate, you're helping to reduce the carbon footprint and improving environmental sustainability.

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Vintage brooches and pins are seeing their renaissance, and are no longer an accessory for people of a certain age. Enjoyed by kings, queens, princesses, and famous politicians, today’s brooches are worn as bold statements on lapels, tops, and even t-shirts by stars, celebrities, and people of all ages.

Used as clothes fasteners from the Bronze Age, brooches stayed for centuries with surges in popularity similar to that enjoyed today. Coming in various shapes and designs, bearing elaborate symbolism, and lavishly embellished with ornaments, vintage brooches are eye-catching when paired with any hat, jacket, blazer, lapel, or cardigan.

Find Your Perfect Vintage Brooch

The versatility of vintage brooches and their classy, regal appeal allows multiple uses of these jewellery items for both informal and formal dress codes. Commonly worn on lapels, today, brooches can be seen and used virtually anywhere, from cinching a skirt or a dress to embellishing a cap or even a bag.

Vintage brooches come in an array of designs, offering a combination of floral, fruit, animalistic, and symbolic themes appealing to every taste and style. Embezzled with gemstones, diamonds, and pearls, silver, gold, and platinum brooches are rich in texture and colour, adding a sophisticated and unique touch to any attire.

Shop for Vintage Brooches with Barry's Jewellers

At Barry's, we have gathered a unique selection of vintage and antique brooches and pins from different epochs and cultural contexts. Browse through our collection of succinct sterling silver pins, sleek platinum and diamond brooches, and opulent floral vintage brooches set with diamonds, pearls, and gemstones to find your perfect gem and give a touch of classic luxury to your look.

All Barry's vintage brooches are in very good or mint condition, and are suitable for everyday use. Most of our treasured vintage brooches come with a certificate of appraisal with suggested insurance coverage, available upon purchase.