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Vintage Emerald Rings

At our store, we offer a wide variety of contemporary, vintage, and antique emerald rings that are perfect for any special occasion or as a gift. Emeralds are a unique gemstone that lend themselves well to specific cuts and settings. The emerald-cut, which was named after the gemstone, is designed to protect the gem while maximizing its rich green color. Our selection of emerald rings includes a range of cuts and settings to choose from.

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Vintage emerald rings are a distinctive choice often worn by celebrities and nobility. With their peak of popularity during the Art Deco period, vintage emerald rings from Barry's Jeweller's offer intricate designs with a touch of prosperity and sophistication characteristic of the Art Deco era.

Emeralds rings are back again, spotted often on the red carpet and at the most glamorous events. Emeralds are sought after for engagement rings and statement jewellery, captivating hearts and eyes with their mysterious and alluring green hue.

Choosing an Emerald Ring

When shopping for emerald jewellery with Barry's Jewellers, rest assured that our true vintage emerald rings will feature natural stones as a centrepiece. Even though antique emeralds may not be cut to today's standards, their rougher cuts and hand-made finishes add authenticity and charm to their exclusive appearance.

Since emeralds are comparatively brittle stones, with only 7.5 to 8.5 on the Mohs hardness scale, antique emeralds can sometimes show minor wear. When you buy fragile stones such as emeralds, it is a good idea to have them appraised by a reliable vendor who can advise you on all aspects of the stone you are interested in, including its grade, cut, and inclusions.

If you are looking for emerald rings, you can find your rare and exquisite pieces with Barry's antique collection. We have a carefully curated, unique assortment of vintage gemstone jewellery, including antique emerald rings representing different epochs and styles.

Shop with us online, or come and see our collection in person by visiting our store for the best vintage emerald rings that will make you stand out.