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Crafted in Canadian mined gold and gems, you can showcase and layer these beautifully designed bracelets to no end while feeling confident in their ethically sourced materials.

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Bracelets have become an increasingly popular piece of jewellery, relevant in both informal or official settings. Presented as a gift on special moments of all sorts, from Christian confirmations to weddings, bracelets are considered acceptable jewellery both for women and men from all cultures and backgrounds. 


Barry's Jewellers is proudly presenting our stunning collection of Canadian diamond bracelets of various designs and brands. All our Canadian bracelets are made from ethically sourced precious metals, diamonds and gemstones, mined using sustainable practices to preserve wildlife and the environment. Check Barry's perfect selection of diamond bracelets to make a unique present to yourself or someone you care about!




There are many types of bracelets different by design, precious metals and gemstones. Many people are familiar with so-called tennis or eternity bracelets having an endless circle of diamonds. These bracelets became increasingly popular after the incident with an American tennis player Chris Evert, who has lost her bracelet during the game and refused to play until she found it. 


Other popular designs include open-end or closed rigid cuff bracelets, slider or bobo bracelets, charm bracelets, solid bangles and many others. You can find these and other popular designs made of Canadian gold and Maple Leaf diamonds, as well as other pieces made of gemstones, white, yellow and rose gold with Barry's Jewellers.




Barry's Jewellers in Burlington is a Canadian jewellery store representing bracelets in Canadian-mined gold and diamonds. We have a wide assortment of Canadian diamond bracelets for each of your special moments and any taste. 

Looking for some special bracelet for your loved one or as a gift for yourself? Come and shop for the best Canadian diamond bracelets at Barry's jewellery store in Burlington or browse through a selection of Canadian bracelets on our website.