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Through, you can enjoy the excitement of bidding in live auctions from the comfort of your home. Once you find an auction, you can part place an online bid and participate in the auction in real time. Each and every item featured in our auctions is certified by Barry’s Jewellers.


Serving our communities and North America for over 35 years with confidence.


Follow a few simple online steps to get approved to get in on our exciting live auctions.


Our proprietary platform brings you all of the excitement of a live in-person auction.


We strive to create an environment of both excitement and security so you can enjoy your win without hassle, and with complete confidence.

Different scenarios that can occur when you place a bid

Once you find an item you are interested in bidding on, click on the title link to get onto the listing page. Look for the box that says “place bid”. Enter your maximum amount you are willing to pay straight away. The way the auction system works, is that the system will enter the minimum possible bid automatically on your behalf.

Scenario A

You are the first person to bid on the item The system will accept your bid at the lowest possible amount (the Minimum Bid), and your secret Maximum Bid will be remembered in case someone tries to outbid you.

Scenario B

Your Maximum Bid is greater than the secret Maximum Bid of all other bidders We will enter the previous highest Maximum Bid as a new bid automatically, and your bid will be entered at the next lowest possible bid. You will be the new highest bidder.

Scenario C

Your bid is less than or equal to the Maximum Bid of the current highest bidder We will accept your bid and automatically place a new bid on behalf of the other bidder, however you will need to increase your Maximum Bid to win the item. If two identical bids are placed on an item, the first bidder will be the winner unless their bid is exceeded.

Scenario D

Your bid is below the Reserve Price If you bid below the secret Reserve Price for an item, you need to increase your bid until you meet the Reserve Price.

If the auction has less than 2 minutes remaining and a new bid is placed, the auction end time is increased by 60 seconds to give other bidders an opportunity to bid.

Online Bidding Explained

How does online bidding work?

Through, you can enjoy the excitement of bidding in live auctions from the comfort of your home. When viewing upcoming auctions, you are welcome to place an absentee bid (bid placed before the live event), to better secure your chance of winning an item, or if you will not be available to participate during the live event. You can place absentee bids any time before an auction goes live. Once an auction goes “live” you can gain access to the online bidding console and participate in the auction in real time. Each and every auction for the week is listed on the mains site, in which you will be able to see when each auction goes “live”.

Where can I find or update my account information?

In the upper right-hand corner of the website on the navigation bar please click the button entitled MY ACCOUNT. Once you are redirected to your account page, it allows you to change personal info, addresses, payment methods, keep track of your current bids, as well view previous purchases.

What is the buyer’s premium?

The buyer’s premium is an additional fee on top of the winning bid price, also known as a hammer price. A buyer’s premium fee is standard among auction houses and companies. Our buyer’s premium charge is 15% of the final bid price. The buyer’s premium is a necessary contribution for the administrative process of Barry’s Jewellers. In addition, you will also be held responsible for applicable tax and shipping charges.

Are there reserves or minimum bid prices?

No, there are no minimums or reserves at Barry’s Jewellers. All bids start at $1 and the winning lot is awarded to the highest bidder.

Can I view a live auction without bidding?

You are certainly welcome to watch a live auction without bidding, but we hope that if you find an interesting item up for sale, that you will consider going ahead and submitting a bid!

Can I change or remove a bid?

We do understand that bidding errors can rarely occur. If you place a bid mistakenly, we cannot delete any pre-bid unless it is in the case of an obvious error expressed to us before the live auction event begins. Once an auction goes live, we are unable to delete or adjust any bids. Just as in any auction, you will be responsible for payment if you win. Contact Us.

“Your Bid” vs. “Your Maximum Bid”

By placing your maximum bid, the system will automatically place bid increments for you, in pre-determined (see auction terms) amounts. This will increase your bid if your original bid is out bid by another bidder. This speeds up the auction process, and assists you with your bidding. If another bidder bids higher than your maximum bid, the system will stop increasing your bids, and you will have to increase your maximum bid amount in order to continue competitive bidding.

What is the bid history?

A bid history lists the amount of each bid, and the bidder number who placed the bid. This allows you to view the increments and number of bids placed for each property.

What if I cannot bid online?

Please contact our office, and we will be happy to assist you through the bidding process.

When is payment due?

Payment is due within 72 hours of the live auction end-time. Once an invoice is over-due, we reserve the right to submit any invoice to our collections department.

What type of payments are accepted?

We accept all major credit cards. We do not accept PAYPAL, cashier’s check, or bank to bank wire.

Do you accept returns?

Unfortunately, no we do not accept returns as all sales are final because it is an auction and you are outbidding other potential customers throughout this process. Every customer is required to agree upon our terms and conditions before placing bids, in which it is stated that all sales are final. To read our service terms and conditions please click here.

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