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One of the most utilized styles of jewellery, these Canadian made earrings are perfect to show off your personality and tastes while supporting your Home and Native Land!

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There is no more universal gift to yourself or your loved ones than a beautiful pair of earrings. This charming and affordable piece of jewellery is never out of fashion, complementing any style, and relevant in any age or culture. 


Indulge yourself or make a beautiful present to your bellowed with a pair of stunning Canadian earrings from Barry's. Choose among a vast variety of designs and materials, from classic must-have studs and halos to head-turning diamond hoops and drops.




Choosing your best pair of earrings starts from picking the design that can complement your or your recipient's face. Let your perfect pair of earrings balance the face by being opposite in shape. 


Hoops are great for square faces, drops will go with round face shapes, long earrings are best for oval faces, while diamond-faced people can enjoy all styles of earrings. Want to stay on the safe side and looking for a universal design? Go for solitaire or stud earrings, perfect for everyday wear and every face shape.


Choose the metal which complements your or the recipient's skin and is best for your style. If known to have allergies, go for 18K yellow gold with the least amount of nickel or hypoallergenic platinum.




Whether you are looking for the best earrings for newly pierced ears or the perfect pair of Canadian diamond earrings for a sophisticated earrings lover, you will find these and more with Barry's. We have all types of stoneless and gemstone faceted earrings made from traditional gold, platinum, and sterling silver, featuring the best Canadian diamonds and other gemstones.

Known for "Making It PersonalTM." we want you to find your perfect pair of earrings that match your style and make the statement. Shop our wide range of jewellery made in Canada at Barry's store in Burlington or on our website and find the must-have pair you can't go without.