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Vintage Diamond Rings

Our collection of authentic vintage and antique diamond rings is truly one of the best you'll find, offering a wide range of styles and time periods to choose from. Whether you have a specific jewelry personality in mind or are just looking for the perfect ring, we're confident that you'll find "the one" among our wonderful selection.

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Vintage diamond rings feature the unique styles of the Victorian, Edwardian, and Art Deco eras, when diamond rings were truly special. Unlike modern vintage-styled replicas, an antique diamond ring is created by hand, making it a one-of-a-kind true statement piece.

Vintage ring settings offer plenty of choices, featuring intricate designs including floral, filigree, or cathedral settings, making your diamond ring stand out and giving it a timeless and classic appeal. As vintage rings don't need new mining or resources to be produced, purchasing antique diamond rings is also an excellent option for environmentally-responsible buyers seeking sustainable jewellery options.

Shopping for Vintage Diamond Rings

When shopping for vintage diamond rings, most buyers find themselves immediately drawn by the irresistible appeal of hand-finished antique diamonds. Since cut proportions of antique diamonds can vary from modern stones, it is always best to get them appraised to understand their true value.

The intricate metalwork, bold and eye-catching designs, and unenhanced beauty of antique diamonds make vintage diamond rings perfect stand-alone jewellery. If you prefer stacking your rings, you may want to consider slimmer designs, or wearing your rings on different fingers to give your antique diamond ring the space it deserves.

 Antique Diamond Rings at Barry’s Jewellers

Buying an antique diamond ring is a special experience, and you’ll need the services of a vendor you can trust. value of the diamond. When you shop for antique diamond rings with Barry's Jewellers, you can rest assured that you are paying for the quality you get. Shop with us online or visit us in person for carefully curated and appraised antique diamond rings at the unique quality and value you deserve.