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Silver Jewellery

A collection of silver fashion pieces spanning across eras. When choosing Estate, you're helping to reduce the carbon footprint and improving environmental sustainability.

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There is hardly jewellery more affordable and yet classic than antique silver jewellery. Silver is lower priced  than gold, but has an irresistible appeal when used for jewellery items. On top of that, antique silver jewellery is often worth much more than the cost of the precious metal or gemstones in it, due to its cultural and historical significance.

Vintage silver jewellery is always in demand, featuring hand-finished, one-of-a-kind items made to last and give joy for years to come. Discover truly unique pieces at Barry's store in Burlington, featuring the most exquisite and valuable antique silver jewellery, a must-have for any jewellery lover.

Indulge Yourself with Silver Vintage Jewellery

A serious jewellery collection cannot be complete without antique silver jewellery items. The versatility of silver allows jewellers to create pieces which would be almost unimaginable in gold, such as belt buckles, photo frames, or kitchen items. However, sterling silver looks gorgeous in more exquisite pieces such as necklaces, bracelets, pendants, pins, and brooches.

Although evaluating antique silver can be complicated, high-quality vintage silver jewellery is highly sought after, adding a touch of timelessness and elegance to any attire. Whether you hold Victorian antique silver jewellery, a more modern vintage silver brooch, or even a silver smoke box, rest assured of its value for money, and status as the perfect addition to any jewellery collection.